Diane Lazarus is an Internationally known Psychic who has featured on national television and radio stations. Better known for her assistance with the police on criminal and missing people cases.

From a young age Diane Lazarus first experienced the power of her amazing gift by seeing, hearing and speaking to spirits and since then Diane has learned to control her gift and can switch on and off at will.

Today she is rated in the top five of professional practitioners in the sphere of non-physical science, worldwide.

Diane is also the author of Number one selling book ‘Mixed Blessings‘ based on her childhood and growing up with such a special gift.

Had a one to one reading with Diane back in December 2017, wow wow wow Diane was very accurate with past, present and loved ones, future sounds exciting too. Even spoke about my past life which explained a few things in the here and now for me which made a lot of sense.

Very professional lady , loved the straight to the point flow of Diane doing all the talking I might say. Amazing very gifted beautiful lady . Worth the drive to have a face to face reading and will book again in the future x

I just wanted to say a huge “thank-you” to you for the most fantastic reading of the photos I sent you! I am so so so pleased that you see such a positive and exciting future for us!!
We are talking about planning a holiday, he is a really lovely guy and I really do feel so lucky to have met him, you confirming all this for me is the ‘icing on the cake’.
I have had the greatest opportunity to have had a few readings with you and you always said that I would meet the right person (and you actually described him to me = the one in the photo)!!
You are one of the most inspirational and amazing people I have had the greatest fortune to meet so “thank-you” for giving me such hope and joy for the future.

Hara, London.