Diane Lazarus is an Internationally known Psychic who has featured on national television and radio stations. Better known for her assistance with the police on criminal and missing people cases.

From a young age Diane Lazarus first experienced the power of her amazing gift by seeing, hearing and speaking to spirits and since then Diane has learned to control her gift and can switch on and off at will.

Today she is rated in the top five of professional practitioners in the sphere of non-physical science, worldwide.

Diane is also the author of Number one selling book ‘Mixed Blessings‘ based on her childhood and growing up with such a special gift.

I have had 2 one to one readings over the past 4 years and both readings have been scarily accurate. Some of the things were heartbreaking and I never thought possible at the time . I sometimes listen back to the recordings and things are still happening now, exactly as Diane predicted. She gave me names of people I had never met at the time of the readings. If Diane is right, as she has been up til now , my happy ever after is happening in 2019 !!!

Sorry its taken a while to send feedback. Your reading was so accurate I came out shaking . I won this reading and went along as a total sceptic and left shaken . Diane knew names and events that had taken place that nobody could know . Well worth having a reading , still weeks on when I listen to the CD I’m amazed Thank You x