Incredible reading from Diane; she got my personality spot on and then some.

Feeling blessed she was inspired to read me so quickly!

Thank you, I will be back xx 

I have not yet met Diane but have seen videos that prove her gift. If you have any question if she is legit just look her up on YouTube.  I have never seen such ability. Truly incredible what she is capable of.

She is fantastic by far one of the best I’ve been to.

Had a reading tuesday my first time and it most certinly won’t be the last time. Such a gifted, talented and an amazing woman thank you so much for my reading ❤ all my past and present was 100% spot on and i am so excieted for the future and im so much happier now
Thank you lovely ❤

Had a one to one reading with Diane back in December 2017, wow wow wow Diane was very accurate with past, present and loved ones, future sounds exciting too. Even spoke about my past life which explained a few things in the here and now for me which made a lot of sense.

Very professional lady , loved the straight to the point flow of Diane doing all the talking I might say. Amazing very gifted beautiful lady . Worth the drive to have a face to face reading and will book again in the future x

Had a reading with Diane today, she was amazing and couldn’t believe the many things she told me about myself and family. what a lovely and down to earth person she is and truly gifted. I would definitely recommend this amazing lady.

Thank you so much.

I have had 2 one to one readings over the past 4 years and both readings have been scarily accurate. Some of the things were heartbreaking and I never thought possible at the time . I sometimes listen back to the recordings and things are still happening now, exactly as Diane predicted. She gave me names of people I had never met at the time of the readings. If Diane is right, as she has been up til now , my happy ever after is happening in 2019 !!!

Sorry its taken a while to send feedback. Your reading was so accurate I came out shaking . I won this reading and went along as a total sceptic and left shaken . Diane knew names and events that had taken place that nobody could know . Well worth having a reading , still weeks on when I listen to the CD I’m amazed Thank You x 

I came for a reading today, it was very comforting. I wasn’t too surprised with your incredible gift because I’ve read your book Mixed Blessings and absolutely loved it, today you just proved your ability, and I can’t thank you enough for the peace you have given me, certain things I didn’t get at the time but as the day has gone on I have piece together the puzzle and you were spot on !

Thanks again it was amazing and a privilege to have met you, a down to earth person who herself has had her fair share of life.

You predicted I would meet my future husband and he’d have a round face and prone to putting weight on. (Which he does!) you were taking to my Nana she said that she watches my daughter playing with the toy box under the telly (that’s exactly where it is) you said you can see my daughter in her playhouse in the garden (we’d only just bought and painted a little play cottage for her) you said you could see me with a boy and I’d have problems with high blood pressure which I did and a boy I had. You named my mother in law by name. You said my mother has trouble with her hearing (she’s deaf in one ear) and that my brother will never leave home, too many gravy dinners! (That’s a run in joke in our family) and finally you said I will work with children with special needs. I started a job as a classroom assistant with special needs children in October.

I am so amazed by your gift and I am so grateful for the help and support you have given me.

Thank you Diane.