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Former Guardsman Alan Barry from Sutton Coldfield and Psychic Consultant Diane Lazarus

Psychic Investigations: Case of Mark Green

Sex shop murder, ITV Wales News

Diane gets involve in a unsolved murder case in Wales.

Diane was 1 of 10 psychics to take part in Channel 5 show with Trisha Goddard.

EXCLUSIVE: Psychic solves the secret of Jordan and Peter Andre’s ‘cursed’ dream home

Natasha Clyant visited medium Diane Lazarus in the hope of getting a comforting message from her late dad – but the medium ended up sensing she had cervical cancer.

A heartbroken mum told how she has turned to a psychic detective to help trace the killer of her 15-year-old son, saying: “My boy needs justice, he needs to rest in peace.”