Courses & Events

Diane runs a number of different courses through out the year either in small groups on one to one We don’t have anything booked up for this year as yet .

An open your mind and change your life. Positive thinking can really help you achieve the outcomes you desire. So come along and learn how to use the other half of the brain!

These courses are fun and relaxing.

For more details call / text: +447862 235704 

Meditation Courses

The benefits of meditation are endless and certainly deserve your contemplation and consideration. Many successful business people, celebrities and sports professionals practise and enjoy the benefits of meditation. Numerous businesses promote and provide help and assistance to their staff with the benefits of meditation courses and because of this they gain an advantage over their competitors and create more profit.

Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, and mental state and its countless values have been known and practiced for thousands of years.

You will embark on a journey into the unknown learning about your natural psychic ability. You will learn about your natural intuition or in its powerful form E.S.P, (extra sensory perception). Your mental powers such as intuition are heightened during the process as you will learn to meditate and use your natural gift to visualize. I will help you meditate and visualize, open you chakra’s (seven energy part’s of you body) and meet your Guardian Angel and spirit guides with meditation.

To understand the notion of psychic phenomena you need to realize that the mind is a powerful vehicle of communication. It requires it’s operator to make use of its full potential and this operator could be you!

The journey

Using the techniques you have been taught, I will take you on a journey using the power of your mind. You will be surprised where this might take you and how it will help you for the future. Just imagine – no more bad choices and a greater understanding of those around you – and a happier and wiser you.

If you are interested in joining a course please email us your information so that we can contact you .