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Just had the most amazing accurate reading in my life. Its an incredible experience, I had goose bumps throughout the reading! I would a million per cent recommend a reading with Diane who puts you at ease from the minute you sit down. NoTa...rot Cards, No Crystal Balls, No gimmicks! She sits facing away from & tells you your past, present & future as it !! Its such an incredulous experience I was so shocked at some of the things she would know, even little things - likes & dislikes as well as more important issues. A MUST EXPERIENCE -Thanks Diane!! :)
Nicola Hughes
Hi Diane, when I saw you last year you said you could see Amy flying, just to let you know she has landed a job with emirates as cabin crew and been living in Dubai since November!
Spot on x
Carmela Parry
‎Diane Lazarus you have always been an inspiration to me, recentley I have been going through difficult times and i've found that your words of wisdom r so accurate and true!x You knew what was wrong and what the problem was!x It will take time we know that!x i just wanted to Thank-You for being YOU!x
Alison Tanner
Four years ago I came to you as I was in a very dark place in my life and needed turned my life around...i have studied for almost 4 years, become a much stronger person and can say I am actually happy & content. The personal things u told me about my late mother & her baby boy she lost & how she lost it was confirmed by a family member and its just unbelievable & everything you told me has come true, people who u told me to get rid of in my life, everything just fell into place. My reading today was a breath of fresh air & to hear my late mother say she is proud of me, my boys and my granddaughter & also all the lovely things you told me about the rest of my family , its just amazing & I had to hug you & your mother today to show you how happy and content you have made me feel. Thank you very much.....I will also be keeping you up to date about all the other lovely things you told me...and all the things you said about my boys were spot on xxxxx ♥
I have now listened to my CD! Wow! We are so impressed ! I have had many readings over the years, some rubbish (I could have done better myself with a scarf over my head!!) some okay and some good. Diane was amazing. Really. Here's are the answers to the letter that was with the CD. Diane described me perfectly. She said I was a worrier (which I am) and that I am a little depressed just now (which is also true). My husband agreed with her description of me being a perfectionist and my love of shopping!!  Diane mentioned my family and was spot on. Obviously I cannot say whether she is right about some of the stuff in the future as it it is yet to happen but I have every faith given the accuracy of the rest of the reading.  She warned me re my ex-husband's health and the potential for him to have a heart attack. She wanted a warning passed to him which I will.
She has given me hope for the future by letting me know that the thing I really want to do work-wise I will. This makes me feel so much more settled within myself and I know I just have to patience (something I don't have a lot of and something that she said I needed to have!) I will be back in touch in future to tell you if the rest came true. In the meantime, thank Diane very much.
What a remarkable lady with such a gift!
I came to your theatre show and you gave me a message from my grandmother, I am still in shock I don't know how you were able to know the things you said you were even able to give me names and places, my grandmother and I had a bond and nothing could ever come between us. But, after her death I felt that it was my fault and I didn't know what to do with myself, but thanks to you I am finally able to carry on with my life. I came to your show looking for an answer and I came out with a story I will never forget. You reminded me of all the fun times my grandmother and I had together and the messages you passed on to me will stay with me forever.
Thank you ever so much
Miss J.D.
Dear Diane
Thank you so much for your reading. It was a first for me and I found it an amazing experience. As you know, I lost my lovely boy just over a year ago and have found it a huge struggle accepting that he's no longer here. The second part of the reading where you spoke with Bill was the most accurate, you got his personality and habits spot on. Since Bill died I've been sure that somewhere, somehow, he still exists. I've read books on spirituality and the afterlife and have tried to contact him myself through meditation and sheer hope; needless to say I didn't manage it! On the one hand, how you described Bill's experience at the afterlife surprised me. You didn't describe golden light and host of angels, it sounded more like a parallel world with sofas and tv quite earthly and normal and actually this feels more right to me. I thought you were a very lovely person, you showed compassion without any sad pity and I thank you for that.
What was said about me has worried me quite a bit, it is true that I get depressed, but, I would hope too that I have some positive strengths. I think my family and friends recognize that I do. I want more than anything to feel happy and normal at ease with the world...I don't know how to do it except to take each day as it come. I believe in positive thinking, I do have HOPE and I value that a lot. The worst thing is the feeling of alone I feel separated from people. Relationships are so important to me and I'm thankful for the family and friends I have. I hope to find a solid and secure partnership. I think this might take away the alone feeling I've had two real relationships, Karl, Bill and Molly's dad (14 years) and since then with a guy called Kevs. Both have failed from not being balance, I compromise too easily maybe and then resent not feeling supported. Anyway, I write to thank you I'd very much like to come and see you again.
With love Lou
Dear Diane
I am writing to convey my sincere thanks to you for reconnecting me with my sister during a reading with you. Nicky died in February 2007 at the age of 26, after battling bowel cancer for ten months. For the majority of her illness she remained positive and extremely courageous, however, in December 2006 she was informed that the tumour had spread and was terminal. It was at this point that her resolve crumble and her physical health deteriorated rapidly. Nicky was an atheist and petrified of dying. I can recall many occasions in the last few weeks of her life when I tried to convince her Diane
that there was an afterlife and that in time, we would be reunited. Sadly, show could not conceive of this possibility and died believing that death is final and absolute. I did not share this viewpoint and was convinced that Nicky would cross over and be met by family on the other side. Thankfully, this helped me enormously with my grief as I firmly believed Nicky was safe and still with me, and that we would meet again one day. However, as sure as I was, there is always an element of doubt and anxiety and I was still left with questions which I needed answer to. Did Nicky get there safely? Who was she met by? Was she happy? For these reasons, I decided to seek the help of a Medium. Whilst on your waiting list I visited a number of Mediums and open circle sessions, although on one occasion, I received messages, I walked away each time disappointed. Despite believing in the process, I maintain a healthy scepticism and view every session objectively, none of the messages I heard constituted firm proof in my mind that it was Nicky making contact. I received a call from your P.A. inviting me to a reading with you. Although I was ecstatic at finally having the opportunity to meet you there was certainly an element of trepidation - I had almost given up hope and was worried that Nicky would not come through. I need not have worried. During my reading, you provided me with several validations, including Nicky's name and the names of family members, which left me in absolutely no doubt that the information came directly from my sister. In addition you relayed many of the answers to questions that I had asked Nicky night after night, and details of her illness, including an account of her last hours, which reinforced belief. I can only liken the reading to receiving a phone call from someone who you haven't spoken to for a long time. It eradicated any doubts and concerns I had that Nicky had not crossed over successfully or was unhappy, and left me absolutely elated, a feeling which has continued weeks after the reading. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and your professional and candid approach. I would strongly urge anyone who has lost a loved one to consider this avenue, as I cannot begin to describe the benefits it has given me. The only feeling I can compare it to, is that of being let in on a fantastic secret that you want to share with everyone! It is for this reason that I feel compelled to write to thank you for dedicating your career to helping others communicate with their loved ones, assuaging their grief and desperation in the process.
Many thanks again for your help and kindness,
Alison Francis

My Dear Diane,
I cannot thank you enough for the courage and support your reading gave to me - to know my late husband, two sons & daughter in the spirit world were around me when I needed help so much. I am pleased to tell you that Geoff my husband is out of danger after major surgery to remove an infected gall bladder, and will soon be transferred back to the Haematology ward to ward to continue his fight against acute Myeloid Leukaemia, I know now that many of my loved ones in the spirit world are always around me & Geoff. Dear friend thank you once again for the strength & courage you gave me - now Geoff & I can face the next hurdle with much hope & love from so many.
Love from Shirley

Dear Diane,
What an amazing reading. I have so much to look forward to. When a few major changes are planned, we all have doubts whether we have done or we are about to do the right thing. Your reading clarified to me that giving up my last managerial position, which I tried so hard to get and did not want to lose, was however the best thing for me to do as another position bigger and better and of the same calibre is soon on it's way and I can't wait. Knowing that no major upsets are on their way is such a reassurance. My family members were described so accurately and the things which you mentioned that have happened to me in my past, which at times have not been easy to deal with this, has made me realize just how strong and determined I can be. I have so much planned for the near future, a house move, a new home to build a change of job, it's all on the cards as you have also said. All these things have had doubts about and you had no idea that I had discussed and planned these things with my family. I found it amazing that you picked up on everything I have planned to do. I know things are going to get tough and stressful at times but I feel that you have prepared me mentally for this journey. Thanks again, I enjoyed.
Will be back in a few years
Kind regards, Amanda

Dear Diane
How can I ever thank you for helping me to get in touch with my Dad the way you did. It really is hard for me to explain how much it helped. You told me things that I didn't even know about - which all  turned out to be so accurate. So much you said meant so much not only to me, but my mum, my, my husband and so many other family and friends - it really helped us to cope - especially the funeral.  My daughter was able to stand up and read a poem she'd written about her granddad that she loved so much. She struggled a little, but she said she knew he was there helping her. My dad was a wonderful father, grandfather and friend and will be missed by so many. You have given us something to believe in and to understand that he is always around us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   With kind regards and best wishes Ann
Thank you so much for my reading - I enjoyed every moment - and have enjoyed listening to the recording another 7 times since!! (I keep hearing new things every time) - I was left feeling amazed and uplifted. I knew that you would be brilliant, but to experience your gift first hand was just incredible - Thank you so much. In the reading and afterwards you gave me some fantastic advice for my new business and I can't tell you how much that has helped me focus on how to take it forward.
Thanks Diane

Hi Diane,
3 years ago you told me you could see me up in the mountains...and about 6 months ago you told me I should move to London to get my fashion brand moving...well, yesterday I accepted a job working in Switzerland...and you guessed it, surrounded by mountains I will be leaving the UK around Mid-April...and as for my brand, well I have an agent based on Great Portland Street, London and you guessed it my brand is doing amazing! I've had 3 new stores snap up my jewellry and  already have a massive order in the pipeline with a huge online store! Thanks for everything. x x x
Xander Kostroma
Just had the most amazing accurate reading in my life. Its an incredible experience, I had goose bumps throughout the reading! I would a million per cent recommend a reading with Diane who puts you at ease from the minute you sit down. Not Tarot Cards, No Crystal Balls, No gimmicks! She sits facing away from & tells you your past, present & future as it !! Its such an incredulous experience I was so shocked at some of the things she would know, even little things - likes & dislikes as well as more important issues. A MUST EXPERIENCE -Thanks Diane!! :) Beth x
Sorry it’s taken so long to write to you as promised. I first met you in 2000 and was amazed at what you told me. You said there was a young girl missing (at the time there was) it was my niece. She had been missing for 27 years. You could even tell me her name (Carol Ann) we found her in Australia. You said I’d be going to Australia. What a joke I thought but I did get to Australia (Tazmania) in 2001.  Again I’ve  seen you in 2007. You said my husband was going into hospital (he wasn’t ill) there’d be tubes everywhere, down his throat, neck, arms everywhere. Indeed you couldn’t have been more correct. He had a seven hour operation to remove a tumour, you said Dot would be with him through the operation. Dot being his sister had passed away the previous year. I seen you again just before Christmas 2011. Dot was telling you my husband had died during the operation and she brought him back (right again). The surgeon had told my husband he had frightened the life out of him, he had died during the operation. I have also seen you in the Grand Theatre. You are amazing.
Yours sincerely,  Eileen Davies
I would like to send an email to thank-you for your accuracy and advice in the telephone reading I had in January 2009. I was worried at the time about a current love interest. You told me to move on and that it wasnt my soul mate. You told me I would meet a man called Paul and you could see me getting married. You mentioned a house with wooden floors and that I would get a dog and that you could see my son wearing braces. I just want to say you have been correct in everything. It is just amazing - I met Paul in April 2010 and we got married in March this year. The house we now live in has all wooden floors throughout and we have also got a dog! My son got his braces last year also. Your advice was spot on and I am glad that I moved on and met Paul. I couldnt be happier. Thank-you so much.

Caroline Dean


Diane, I wanted to thank you so much for your strength and willingness to write your book, Mixed Blessings. To tell you the truth I have no clue how I got your name but I have been pushed to get info on you and then I found out about your book. I could not put it down. There were so many things you wrote about that spoke to me. God has truly blessed you with a wonderful gift and I just wanted to send you love and good wishes. I wish I were closer to you so I could have a chance to meet you- hopefully if you come to the US, I will make plans to go and see you. You are always welcome at our home in El Paso, Texas!!


Hi Diane i would just like to say a huge thank you for last night. My granddad came through when you held his medal. You were spot on that I keep it in my bedroom. There was one thing I would liked to have asked him but didn't want to be greedy with your  time. I don't know if you could get him to come through again or not but I would love to know if he was watching on my wedding day and what he thinks of my husband?? I really enjoyed last night, didn't want it to end. Your amazing :) thank you again xx


Recently saw you at Manor Park.. fantastic thank you. We didn't get message but when my baby(20 years old but still my baby). got her booked signed you told her Gran liked her name. This puzzled us as she never did.. her names Francesca.. and she told me they'll call her Frank!!! It woasonly a few days later we realized what she meant her new surname.. as myself and my daughter have changed our surname.. to my grans maiden name. Thank you Diane .. hoping to see you in Port Talbot.. take care..x


Thank you for such a relaxed reading, you reconfirmed so much for me that will make it easier to move on in the future. I have been questioning myself for a long time and now I can make inroads into moving forward. You are blessed to have such an amazing gift and the fact that you will share this through your readings shows that you are a kind and wonderful soul, your gift helps so many others to have calm, closure and peace in their lives. Thank you for sharing your gift with so many others. look forward to another reading in a few years. God bless you and keep you healthy and happy x


Dear Diane
Just want to let you know that your show was truly amazing. I am still in shock from what you told me and the atmosphere was unbelievable. You passed a message to my son from his twin brother in the spirit world to tell him that he is not keen on the colour he painted his bedroom (he painted in dark colours, I will never know why he picked them) which would have been his if he was still on this earth and you told him not to worry about his driving test as he will do better than expected with his brother guiding him from the spirit world. Before lee died he passed his driving test and had full marks we were all surprised as he was not very bright, but this was something he was determined to do.
My other son dale has put in for his test next week he is a lot calmer since the show. How can I thank you for putting my sons mind at he was so upset about his brothers death until we came to see you.
Cannot wait until the next show
All the best for you and your family
Jean and Dale


Dear Diane
I came to you for my first reading on 3rd August 2005.I sat in your waiting room and I was so nervous I was on the verge of going home, and then you walked in with a smile on your face and said o.k. I came to see you for one purpose only, to hear from my 13 year old son who passed away tragically in March of this year. You started your reading with a bit about my personality and boy you were right, down to the last detail. You also mentioned family members, not by name but I knew who you were talking about and you were right in in everything you said. You gave me a message to pass on to a friend, who you did not name and I have passed that message on to him.
Then for me came the best part of the reading you brought my son through to me. You said he had been waiting to speak to me for ages and believe me I have tried for ages to get to him too. You gave me things that nobody else could of known about, putting all his favourite things with him in his coffin, the fact that he suffered with asthma when he was alive, Even his wicked personality and his sense of humour came through. Then you gave me the best bit that has given back my sanity you said that my son’s accident was not intentional, and that was what played on my mind for the last five months. To know that and also answer came from my son himself was more than I could have hoped for.
You have both given me a little bit of my life back and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
I look forward to seeing you soon for another reading
Lots of love and thanks


Hi Diane , my mum in law came to see you last year just after the death of her husband, she has never used a medium before , she was amazed at your accuracy and some of the things that you could never have known, she is also amazed at a date you mentioned , as my brother in law has just announced a wedding for that time , i cant wait to come and see you when i have saved up enough money , truly amazing love HELEN XX


Dear Diane ,
You are just amazing ,I had a telephone reading with you about a year ago   I didn't think that it would be so brilliant ,Diane you told me my dad's name  Larry', you told me how he died & you told me what I do for a living .I said nothing !
I was told how brilliant a psychic you were & being a Doctor it was not something I thought I would ever do was to have a  telephone psychic reading ,But the best thing ever was when you told me I had a problem with my health , you told me I had problems with my sugar level ! I do ' wow 'Diane you have true insight   thank you for sharing you gift with the world'
Dr Sara Phillips Australia x


My readings with Diane have been spot on. She goes into such great depth and surprises me with the things she has to say. So far the readings:- The break up of my marriage - the affairs my ex husband had - spending money we never had - my 3 sons - how they had been affected by the divorce - she predicted my eldest son would study law (he was only 16 at the time of my first reading and he had not mentioned his interest in the subject). My son is now 18 and is in his 2nd year in college studying law and doing really well. In fact it is his favourite subject and one of the brightest students in law. She predicted I would find happiness again and find my soul mate. She described to me how he looked (foreign origin) which he is. His personality was described accurately. Everything else she she predicted to me has happened since my last reading. I will continue to make regular visits to Diane as I find her gift to be very helpful to me. Very positive reading.


Diane thank you very much. You have helped me and my words fail to thank you enough,I came to see you two weeks ago and found you pretty amazing!!  I have seen many people with the gift, well I thought they had the gift but only you got me down to at, you started off with my personality, said I was a bit of a tomboy, right track already, then mentioned my brother and came out with whose Dom? that was him, straight away with the names! unbelievable, you said he won't end up in uniform, he's spoke alot about going into the forces but im with you on that one!! You also said hes not having a motorbike, right again, he did want one though!! You mentioned that my mum is desperate to move, she is, but you said it wont happen yet, and that she would love to move abroad, all correct again! then you got her name straight away.My grandad came through with a message about my dad and his heart, recently hes had a bit of trouble with it. I love the fact that your so confident with it to because you know what your talking about and know your right, you don't need to ask questions and I just sat there taking it in which has never happened before. You told me a man has totally turn my world upside down, and he had just a week before seeing you, you also said the next two weeks would be really hard, well you went wrong, I have really struggled! You also said he will be going away for a bit and he is. I asked you something about my health as I was a bit confused and you told me it was fine and just confirmed that it is! I will keep you updated with this year,

Thank you so much Diane x x x


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