In spite of her busy schedule Diane continues to help heal. She is not only generous with her time but also supports a number of national children’s charities and children’s wards in local hospitals and many more.

Every show Diane does called The Psychic Experience with Diane Lazarus, she donates money to a charity. Over the years she has donated thousands to The Joshua Foundation which helps children with terminal cancer.




Charity Work

  • Save the Children UK

  • Cystic Fibrosis trust

  • The Play Room

  • Ataxia UK

  • Brainwave

  • Oakwood Ward, Morriston Hospital (Diane was the first to buy all the children wards DVD players & DVD's'. She has also bought DVD's' for Christmas at all the children wards for the last 3 years in a row.)

  • Department of Child Health, Morriston Hospital

  • Singleton on hospitals children ward

  • Prince Philip hospital

  • Carmarthen hospital

  • Liberty Orphanage in U.S.A. (Diane has sent them a cheque for £700 & also sent out food )

  • Gateway Club, Port Talbot (Diane has given over £1,500)

    The Joshua Foundation (Diane has given over £2,200 for a dream holiday & experiences for the families & their children with terminal cancer)

  • Lucy's Dream'
    Lucy is six years old and is terminally ill with leukemia. Diane give her a cheque for £500 towards a dream holiday for her and her family.
  • Jodie Lou foundation West Brom ( Diane has given a cheque for £1,000) 
  • Diane is now Supporting a orphanage in Africa Kenya Diane has sent over the children first ever Christmas gift's, toy's sweets, shoes, clothes, books, pen's & seed's to grow their own vegetables, Diane does free reading's in order to keep sending out gift's to the children .
  • Jambo Diane
  •  Hey my dear's,>
    It is one of the best moment when I have been able to draft this short> letter to you. I the school children and the church members are quite fine> hopping the same applies to you there. It is my hope that you are fine> there.Receive many thanks from the school children and the parents of the> school children. Also receive my thanks for what you did.> Well the main aim of writing this short letter to you is to inform you that> I received 6 parcels which contains school uniforms for the children infact> you did a miracle to us for what you did.we are now going to open the school> on Monday 6th September. I would like to tell you that if it will be> possible please remember us for food so you can send any amount to help> feeding the children. the children look so smart. I would like you to send> for me you box number so that i can send the photo to you to see how they> look like.I have nothing to give you but our living God is going to reward> you for what you did .may the grace and peace from God our father and the> lord Jesus Christ be with you. That is all for now hopping to read from you.> I say bye-bye
Non-Profit Organizations
  • Liberty Children's Home is a registered Non Governmental Organization in Belize, licensed by the Ministry of Human Services to care for 40 children. They will be happy to take donations and food such as rice, pasta, toy's, old clothes etc.