About Diane

Winner of Channel 5's Britain's Psychic Challenge!

From a young age Diane Lazarus (known to many as Diane Lloyd-Hughes) first experienced the power of her amazing gift by seeing, hearing and speaking to spirits and since then Diane has learned to control her gift and can switch on and off at will.

Today she is rated onf of the top professional practitioners in the sphere of non-physical science, worldwide

"Just to say...Thank you so much for the reading today it was amazing, cant wait for the future now :) You are a very lovely gifted woman x x x."

 Diane is Winner of Channel 5's Britain's Psychic Challenge From a young age Diane Lazarus (known to many as Diane Lloyd-Hughes) first experienced the power of her amazing gift by seeing, hearing and speaking to spirits and since then Diane has learned to control her gift and can switch on and off at will. Today she is rated in the top five of professional practitioners in the sphere of non-physical science, worldwide.

Her psychic gifts have become an increasingly important part of her life and now, a mother of two children , her work has diversified in an ever widening spectrum.  Diane frequently assists  in  court work and has liaised with  the  Queen’s Counsel in a number of murder trials. Her ability to visualize past and future events has led to her being called upon by police in England, Ireland and Wales, her accuracy in several murder investigations promoting senior officers to call for her psychic assistance in a number of high profile crimes. Diane recently re-investigated the murder of twelve-year-old Muriel Drink water, a case that was closed fifty years ago. She was able to describe the child’s final walk home from school, her rape and shooting by a ‘friend’. She identified the murderer as an old man living in Wales and police re-opened the file. DNA testing is currently being carried out.  ''checkout YouTube'

Diane often uses her gift in areas of historic research, most recently bemusing a team of academics by ‘reading’ an ancient building in South Wales, relaying events of hundreds of years ago - and filling in a few facts that have not been verified. Diane challenged skeptics of the Mary Rose Trust when she used her psychic ‘eye’ to recall the events leading to the capsize of a medieval vessel rescued from the muddy depths of the river Usk at Newport her findings of which proved accurate.

Based in South Wales, Diane continues to give consultations to local clients and to those who travel from as far as Ireland, London and the North American Cntinent. Many of Diane’s clients come from the major professions and include businessmen and women seeking guidance on career development, personal attainments and company growth and success. Many approach Diane at the beginning of each New Year when they are planning the next financial year. They return at regular intervals to report on their successes and to check future forecasts.

Diane’s psychic accuracy had led to an interesting diversification in her career, but she is still committed to helping everyone develop their own abilities and has lectured in Ireland and Scotland and is planning lectures and seminars as far afield as Switzerland and Egypt. She has produced her own CDs to aid meditation and frequently appears in specialist magazines and the media. Her television credits include Sky, Granada Breeze, UK Living,

HTV, BBC, S4C, as well as appearances on Crime Secrets and Sky One’s Russell Grant Show. Diane also appears on the TV3 Morning Show where she conducts live readings on air. Diane has also worked with numerous radio stations such as BBC Radio, Dragon Radio, Radio Euro, TV3 Radio Ireland, Swansea Sound - The Wave, Radio Belfast, BBC Sheffield,Karrang Radio Birmingham, Diane has a regular slot on Real Radio Wales, and has recently done an interview with BBC Radio Wales. Diane also found time to conduct a column in The Mirror newspaper and is currently the columnist for That's Life magazine. Diane is also no stranger to appearances in glossy magazines and has a list of celebrity client such as Bonnie Taylor and many more!!

In spite of her busy schedule Diane continues to be a healer and recently flew to London to help a young child, a patient of Guys hospital, who has cancer. She is not only generous with her time but also supports a national children’s charity and children’s wards in local hospitals and many more. She also produces her own theatre shows annually. Diane has worked with several police authorities providing information on investigations world wide and also continues to give her time to help locate missing people all over the world. Diane has written a book of her amazing gift Diane's Paperback will be out March the 6th Mixed Blessing's is Book OF THE MONTH IN 580 WHSMITHS STORES IN THE U.K

Winner of Channel 5's Great Britain's Psychic Challenge and now rated one of the top five psychics in the world, Diane plans to reach out to a wider audience continuing to work with both media and police providing information to several investigations as well as personal consultations world wide..............

TV Appearances

Diane has made numerous appearances on SKY TV WORLD WIDE , ITV , and BBC television.

Local Radio

Diane has also done a lot of work on BBC and local radio stations to do readings over the air with thousands of listeners and its said by DJ's that she's 98-100% accurate and one amazing lady !!! Diane is also the resident psychic on Real Radio.

Diane is a columnist in the national magazine That's Life.

Was recently in Woman magazine as all Diane predicted about the Jill Dando Murder came true, the wrong man serves years for a crime he did not commit…

Is this embarrassing for the Metropolitan Police? Where does this leave the investigation?

'When Barry George was caught, he certainly seemed to fit my discription of the killer, and yet I'm still not quite convinced it was him. Neither's Bob. Bob was quite sure that this case had all the hallmarks of a contract killing and that the murder was carried out by a hired assasin - hired by someone who knew Jill. Only time will tell, but I am sure the whole truth will come out one of these days.'

Diane Lazarus, Mixed Blessings, My Psychic Life. Chapter 15 Page 244 . (ISBN978184605201)


Every show Diane does called The Psychic Experience with Diane Lazarus she donates money for Charity and over the years has donated thousands to The Joshua Foundation which helps children with terminal cancer.

'you can also help please!!!


Diane has worked with many celebrities over the years. The celebrities below have kindly given their permission to be listed on our site 'there are many more

Arthur Bostrom, The Original Bucks Fizz" (Cheryl, Mike & Shelley), Bonnie Tyler, Joe Guest, Imogen Thomas (BIG BROTHER)

Sitting in the empty room
am i alone is there someone
watching over me
i hear you call my name
is there even a sound
in this dark place
there is no one but me
goodbye dreamer
goodbye to my loved ones
am i lost looking for a home
goodbye dreamer
goodbye my sweet friend
just know one day
we'll meet again
goodbye dreamer
is this the end
goodbye my sweet friend
is there even a home
as you go through this alone
goodbye my sweet friend
as you go on this everlasting
path never to return